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Monday, May 9, 2011

"Our Covering"

Our woven covering
In our lives we take in various thoughts and sights, smells and sounds. These things become a part of our world! I, as a Christian, have learned that we “bind, weave, and tie” many things to our ‘spirits’. These things become a woven part of our fabric that we cover ourselves with. Remember in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were naked (all was visible to the eye). Then after they sinned and were cast out of the Garden of Eden, they were naked and were covered. This was because they wanted to hide their sin. The fabric that we hide ourselves in is woven with sinful things (thoughts, deeds, and events we participate in). Now, how can you get rid of these things which we have ‘bound’ ourselves with? Remember these things are also bound into your family, marriage, children, and the friends you “Bind” yourself too. 
We must become stripped of all this covering (before God). Then we start by tying what GOD wants for us. We must tie God into our whole being, through Jesus the Christ. Jesus can ‘clean us and our garments’, if we give them to HIM. He will remove the sin, so don’t bring it back upon yourself, LEAVE it where HE puts it. You will know where it is, but you must not go there again. Yes, the tree is still there, but DON’T EAT FROM IT! Now, everything that comes into your presence, you must go before Jesus and “Check with HIM” as to whether it is for your use and/or consumption. Now use your head in these things, your heart will tell you if it is meant for you. Remember, Jesus (his Holy Spirit) is in your heart. Once you start binding the ‘things’ of God to your life, you will “KNOW” what the Lord wants you to do, or what direction you should take. Even your family must be loosed so they can allow themselves to become what they were meant to become in God. Try and direct them to God.
Remember, all things that come into our subconscious mind is neither good or bad, it just IS! We are the ones who decide what stays and what goes. If someone was tracking mud into your clean house, you would tell them to stop and send them outside, but if they were dragging Gold and Precious stones into your clean house you would ask them to come anytime and bring more.   
When Jesus returns and takes HIS church out of this world, we will all be given a new robe, It will be whiter then snow (It will be woven of the things from God’s loom) and we will be covered with HIS righteousness (not anything from our sin nature).

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