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Monday, May 23, 2011

"The Armor of God"

What I have learned from this study of the Armor of God: (Please E-mail me and get the full report!)
1)  Putting on the Armor of God is NOT like putting on a piece of clothing; it is a spiritual thing. You are putting on a custom suite of armor that does not wear out, get dirty, or lose it’s power. It is like a special ‘skin’ that is a part of your eternal spirit.
2) This is custom made for you by God! It is like no other suite of Armor ever made!
3) The Helmet of Salvation is like putting on ‘Night vision goggles’ only these allow you to see in the spirit world. You can see all the arrows coming at you, and the demons can’t sneak up behind you. It also provides you with insight when reading the Bible (really cool).
4) The Breast plate is like putting on a custom made flack vest which protects you from all the explosions going off around you (you are invincible).
5) Your loins are girded with the belt of truth. Your insides are holding the truth and the belt holds it in (no one can steal it – it yours and can’t be taken away).
6) Your feet have special boots on that will not allow your feet to step on land mines, or your feet to step on trip wires, or in sinking sand. Your walk is totally protected and you cannot step out into a dangerous alley without knowing where the danger is.
7) Your shield is so wonderful that you don’t have to turn to the left or right to stop the flaming arrows or darts of Satan (or his demons). The shield just goes between you and the darts. It is faster than you could think about having to do it yourself.
8) Your sword (the Word of God) is devastating to the enemy, when you draw it out the enemy flees so fast you are not sure they were even there to begin with.
9) The best part – when you put on the Armor of God; You instantly learn how to use them and your skill level will marvel you. You go from “new Recruit” to a fully trained battle trained “U.S. Navy Seal” and your place in the team is fully established.
10) Best of all YOU LOOK REALLY SHARPE!  

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