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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Warning

When we first ask God (Jesus) into our lives; we do not fully understand the relationship which we have entered into. We (being our own arrogant selves) believe that we are still in control of what WE do, say, and are! This is totally wrong. As in life we all have cancers in our bodies; some do not ever ‘grow’ and become malignant. They just sit dormant and never really bother us, some may develop a little and we have them removed. Others however do grow and become life threatening and some actually kill us.
Sin is like a cancer, it starts out small and then grows (all sin grows and feeds on what we give it). All our bodies will die. This is nothing new; but what we die of can be directed by our choices and we do have some control over it.
We say, “I chose God!” - but we did not. We only chose to ask God to come into our lives and He does when we invite Him in. This is where “choice” ends; He then becomes our GOD. You have surrendered yourself to Him. Just as when you “Joined” the military. You gave yourself (Body) over to the government to with as they pleased. You turned yourself over to a higher authority and subjected yourself to that authority. You subjected yourself totally to the military!  You became “U.S. Government Property”
You did not take them to be your friend, accessory. add-on, or optional equipment.
God is not an accessory, add-on; or an option!
HE is CENTRAL (the core) to our survival both now and always!!! You are HIS! Body, soul, and Spirit!
Without God, this entire universe would ‘evaporate’ in less than a mili-second. How can people think THEY are able to ‘exist’ without GOD? This just speaks to how arrogant they are. There is just no trying to change arrogance; it has to find out on it's own.
Now, I will admit that I have taken a pretty casual attitude (at times) with God; but I have had to sit down and ask myself just what does God to mean to me in my? This came to me.  God is not an accessory, add-on; or an option!
We are his whether we like it or not. He has us “Body, Soul, and Spirit”!

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