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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Bunkering Up"

PTSD’s don’t come on you when you first walk through the door after deployment. It is something that manifests itself after a while 3-6 months after you return from deployment. I guess you could almost compare it to a cancer; it starts to grow and get more and more noticeable as time evolves. The more you try and ignore it the bigger it gets. This is why your friends start acting strange around you; you are the one who is changing (or changed). Many of the changes involve your habits. Most of us start drinking (self-medicating); if you drank before deployment, you are more than likely drinking more now and not getting as intoxicated. It seems to take more alcohol to get that same buzz as before. Before long (if not already) you will find yourself distancing yourself from friends and family. You will start taking a six pack (or a pint/or both) and going to the basement and watching movies all night long. You find it more comfortable to be by yourself. This is referred to as “Bunkering Up”! This then progresses to “cleaning” your guns, sharpening your knives (you know the ones designed for killing people). This all comes under the part about ‘just keeping my family safe’ – while they (your family) are hiding in another room wondering, ‘what the hell is he doing’?

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