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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inventory List for PTSD's

Many Vets Suffer from these symptoms!
2-Cynicism and distrust of Government Authority.           
6-Sleep Disorders.              
7-Poor Concentration.         
8-Tendency to react under stress with survival tactics.                 
9-Psychic or emotional numbing thoughts.       
10-Negative Self-image.  
11-Memory impairment.          
12-Hypersensitivity to justice.
13-Loss of interest in Work or activities. 
14-Problems with intimate relationships. 
15-Survivors guilt.      
16-Difficulty with Authority.          
18-Emotional Distancing.          
19-Suicidal feelings &Thoughts.
20-Flashbacks to Danger and            
21-Fantasies of Retaliation and Destruction.
22-High Risk Employment/Recreation.
If you know of anyone suffering from any of these symptoms, have them contact me at “Bradysbunker.blogspot.com” or “fbschooner@yahoo.com” . I may be able to help them deal with their new life. There are no quick fixes of these Symptoms, but a person can learn how to live with them.

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  1. What a great source of information for our Vets, and an awesome starting point for any needed assistance and confidential support!